The Old World Charm

A good breakfast on a Sunday leads to a relaxing day. Sundays have been the days where I have had the time to have leisurely breakfasts as opposed to my cornflakes, milk and fruit tradition on the weekdays. Breakfasts especially on weekends is an opportunity to meet up friends, catch up with old colleagues and a space to have various social meets which one cannot afford on their work days.

DSC_0297A trip to Mumbai is always an opportunity for me to have such breakfasts. Mumbai has been a place where I have grown into an adult. The romance of the city has increased by leaps and bounds once I left the city about a few months back. The Parsis who are a major part of the city’s culture have had a predominant effect on how the food culture has spanned out in the last so many decades. The cafes, the bakeries have an old world charm for the residents as well as the new age migrants of the city. The personal touch in their service to the customers are one of the major reasons people keep going back to these places. Even though these experience differ from place to place and expectations of individuals, these places hold an important pillar of the food culture of Mumbai.

Kayani and Co. is one such place in Marine Lines. Currently being operated from a heritage building it has everything which defines old world charm. The rickety chairs, the old table fans, the long ceilings, the glass showcases which contains refreshments for visitors to ogle at before they order, the owner who sits and still manages the cash and the waiters who might not always be efficient but can remember your long orders without writing it down.

DSC_0015 (1)My Sunday breakfast here normally comprises of large portions which keep me fulfilled till dinner time. The keema pav, a must haves for any Parsi café in the city but this one is one of the best. The salami sandwich, exactly how your mom makes back at home. The masala omelette, reminding you of the humble college days when toast and egg fry at the roadside stall were a luxury. The mutton chop, which might not be amazing but still will attract you because of the amount of meat filled inside. The humble butter toast, perfection. The cup of tea which is too sweet but still works.

Kayani and Co. might not be the best culinary experience but it does provide you with good food which is humble, honest to your pocket and a key to a relaxing Sunday morning.

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