The Right Broth

A broth is a basic necessity in any kitchen (or at least the kitchen spaces I occupy). A broth is useful as a base for many dishes; soups, sauces etc. The stock cubes which are readily available at various grocery stores do do the trick when the time comes but the real flavour of a well-made broth has its own grandeur and romance. The broth, in its making is a delicate concoction which increases the depth of the dishes it is being used in. However, when it is not cooked with care it has the ability to destroy even the simplest of recipes. The broth is one of my favorite as it gets together ingredients especially parts of proteins which are wasted in kitchens. These parts of the proteins are actually the ones withholding the most amount of flavour.

The broth normally contains basic ingredients: a protein (bones like chicken, mutton lamb, small crab claws, prawn heads etc), the basic vegetables (carrot sticks, onion and celery stick), herbs (salt, pepper, thyme, parsley etc) and white wine (Chenin Blanc works the best and is readily available). The one I normally opt for is a sea food both as I use these to make soups which primarily contain sea food and fish (my favorite). The art and precision of making a broth remains the same across but it is the patience and the imagination one needs which makes every broth taste different and distinct.

The broth is made by putting in the ingredients together and simmer boiling it for about two hours or more. One thing which needs to be kept in mind, any protein which is being made should be thoroughly cleaned and no amount of blood/grime should be left on them. The blood makes the broth lose its clarity. The broth at all times should be clear. Skim off all the froth which surfaces whiling boiling as it is not considered a good friend for the broth.

A basic soup with beans, ginger, onions, sea food broth, prawns and coconut milk

A basic soup with beans, ginger, onions, sea food broth, prawns and coconut milk

After I prepare a broth, soup is the best way to go for me. Ginger, a small onion, olive oil, some greens, a protein of your choice, freshly crushed pepper corns and salt. Once they come together going back to the cube stock becomes difficult. The good part about any broth is that they can be refrigerated for at least a week.

Making a broth following a recipe can be a little restrictive as everyone has their own style. Concentrating on the basic steps is the key and moving forward with one’s own style produces a broth which people remember you by.

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