The ‘Oval’ hall at the Hyatt Regency, Delhi was set up on Friday the 10th April 2015 to welcome about two hundred bloggers. Indi-Blogger the blogging networking site had invited me for my first blog event. They promised a night of fun, food and frolics. They managed to score pretty well on my list. The hall had a mix of various bloggers; the general blogger, the gluttonous food blogger, the stylish and some not so stylish fashion bloggers and some who just write for the love of writing.

Once, the usual business of networking and small talk was over I went sniffing around the food platters. From lamb to musroom to risotto and a decadent assortment of desserts is what was given, something for food blogger to look (read eat) into. The Chef de Cuisines, events Manoj Goel gave me a small introduction about him during the hurried food service which was about to feed more than 200 hungry bloggers, photographers and the rest who were part of this gala meet.


The not-so-little drink section, serving up a vast array of drinks to the tired bloggers, including me who had made their way to the meet after a hard day at the office, my favourite was the selection of white wine which was served to me cooled to perfection. I picked the white wine, the chicken tikka, the fish fry and a mushroomy appetiser as I talked away with a few blogger colleagues I met. I munched on my meaty treats, all of which were cooked to perfection. My favourite was the musroomy pastry I could not get enough of.

The food spread was varied and there was a bit(e) for every food lover. One of the chefs told me how the risotto was made with utmost delight and a huge smile on his face while the crowd of hungry bloggers gathered around his station to eat. The risotto, had the good balance between the creamy and the al-dente feel of the risotto rice without making a mush out of the whole dish as many do. The other delight was the lamb which was cooked in a cream and rosemary concoction which was amazing as it was cooked to perfection. The ‘surmai’ which was dipped in some red chilli sauce and other spices amused my palate.

I devoured the Indian sections with ‘keema mutter’ and the ‘chicken dum biryani’. The only downer in the main course was the ‘achari chicken’, it was less flavour and a lot more ‘achari’ than it should have been. However, it was an event where I would remember the food thanks to the Indian section, showcasing less pretence and more ‘meat’.


To top it all I gorged on the Crème Brûlée. Sadly my stomach indicated that I should not get adventurous with anything else paraded in front of me or I might face a bodily mutiny against me!

I drove back home with a huge ‘beauty’ hamper from the sponsors, a box of Ferrero Rocher, which IndiBlogger had bestowed upon me and my memory filled with talks with  fellow bloggers about their experiences with blogging.


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