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The good part of being a food blogger is that your love for food surpasses heartbreaks, work and sickness. The better part blogging is that during these times people who deem your foodly wisdom important invite you for food/wine tastings and send you products where you will give them your ‘expert’ advise. A month back Borosil sent me their OTG. Having taken up baking at a full scale in the last one year I thought it would be an apt product to review with my ongoing baking experiments.

The 19 litres Borosil Oven arrived last month, it is sleek, easy to handle, is light weight and I had an amazing time with it. Unlike other OTGs the Borosil OTG has great temperature control which made baking a boon. The array of baked goodies which I baked in the OTG came out evenly cooked without sections being burnt/ undercooked. The OTG’s knobs are great to navigate through though one needs to read the manual before baking, grilling or roasting as the function control can be a little hard to figure out at the first go. The temperature even though is great are not marked accurately and it would need a person to get used to the oven or get an oven thermometer for knowing exact temperature one needs to cook/bake in. However, the 1300W gadget with a temperature range adjustable between 90-230 C makes it perfect for any food related experiment.

I would definitely suggest the oven especially for bakers. With a little help from their oven thermometers, it’s a great product to use. I cooked cupcakes, muffins, choux pastry, cakes and meringues in it and all of the turned out to be pretty good.

Now that I have gone on and on about the goodies I baked, I should give you one of my favourite baked goods recipe, meringue, it is a small, light easy to bake Italian treat. As a baker I suggest you to have a kitchen weighing scale to make your life easier while making meringues (the kitchen scale helps a lot especially if you are starting off in baking).


The Light Italian Treat


200 gms icing sugar

100 gms egg whites

1tsp Vanilla Extract

Food Gel, Choco Sprinkles Optional


In a big bowl beat egg whites till they foam


Add in the icing sugar in two batches and beat till peaks form. You can check by inverting the bowl, if the mixture remains stiff, it is done. Pour in the vanilla extract and the food gel.


Put in piping bags and pipe out the mixture on a baking sheet lined with parchment paper. Add the sprinkles and bake at 100 degree Celsius for about 40-45 minutes.


While you crunch on your crisp and soft melt-in-your-mouth meringue I suggest you give the Borosil OTG a try if you are looking for an OTG as your next purchase.

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