Setting the Bar High

  • Rosemary and Lychee Sophia
  • Whiskey Sour
  • From Left: Rossini, Manhattan


DSC_0023According to me drinking is a social act. The drink is supposed to supersede the drunk. In style it should be the right taste for the varied taste buds which visit the bar as well as have an identity of its own. Jamie’s Italian, Vasant Kunj opened their bar last week. The bar is an interesting place to visit apart from the great food which it already serves its customers. The bar is the has two large tables which are 8 covers each. Bar stools have always been my nemesis at any bar but Jamie’s has taken care of it and has provided customers like me with comfortable seating even on a bar stool. What is humbling to see is that the bar still sticks to its Italian roots and has a cappuccino machine which very few bars in the city can boast about.

The bar has ample natural lighting to give you a warm feeling during the dreaded cold winters while you sip on your cocktails. Jamie’s friendly staff give you the tour and give you ample description of the cocktails for you to make an informed choice. While the manager, Jagdish Chauhan gave me the idea behind the drinks at the bar my eyes went on to their special, Rosemary and Lychee Sophia is this fresh mix of silver tequila, lychee juice and that hint of rosemary and a salt rimmed glass which gives that freshness. My favourite was the Rossini, the drink which according to me is the match made behind Jamie’s bar, a mix of sparkling wine and strawberry puree.

From Left (clockwise): Manhattan, Rosemary and Lychee Sophia, Rossini, Whiskey Sour

From Left (clockwise): Manhattan, Rosemary and Lychee Sophia, Rossini, Whiskey Sour

Even though the bar does not do over the top cocktails like many in town it is still worth a visit for a quiet brunch and cocktail with a friend or just enjoy a quiet drink. It is definite the bar worth a visit if you want low key and focus on your drinks. I would recommend you to combine the drinks with Jamie’s vegetarian antipasti platter and the bruschetta with lamb balls.

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