Euro Trip

  • Raspberry Custard with Cocoa Biscuit and Macaroon
  • Herb Crusted New Zealand Streak
  • Scallops with Couscous
  • Seafood Paella
  • Citrus Chive cream and the Stuffed Mushrooms Bow Pasta
  • Truffle Risotto with Parmesan
  • The Herb Tortellini with Morel Cream and Nicoise Vegetables
  • Ginger Mousse with Brownie, Rosemary Biscuit and Ginger Caramel

An elegant black top table, with salon style checkered tiles and bistro style couches at the lower ground floor of Sahara Star makes Euro. The Executive Chef, Hotel Sahara Star, Salil Fadnis takes pride in it saying it is a “chef’s” restaurant, where the menu will change often giving the chef the flexibility to showcase his/her skills whipping up European delicacies for its customers. An array of dishes had been whipped up on a busy Friday evening especially for me and a few of my blogger friends to see the opening of this restaurant. The one of a kind restaurant which Fadnis says will only serve authentic European food to its Indian customers.

The menu starts off with its fine variety of Charcuterie paired with wine. The Charcuterie bar as I like to call it, boasts of varied types of cheeses, gazpacho as well as breads. The pesto olive dipped mozzarella tops my list on the bar favorites. However the gazpacho failed to impress my taste buds because of its watery texture what should have been a robust thick soup.

The menu consists of a whole band of dishes, providing the customer with musical notes with their own highs and lows. The best appetizer on the menu is the Scallops with Couscous, with the pea and cauliflower puree with its fresh taste and well-cooked fresh scallops. The vegetarian part of the dishes; the Pistachio Strudel with grilled Asparagus and Zabaglione is a dampener with its non-impressive strudel. The Herb Tortellini with Morel Cream and Nicoise Vegetables comes and goes without any theatrics, the tortellini’s density is something the chef should pay heed to, especially when speaking of serving food which is ‘authentic’ European. The restaurant does underwhelming dumplings and pastas, the Purple Potato Gnocchi with Oregano smoke and Citrus Chive cream and the Stuffed Mushrooms Bow Pasta need to be made with more love or attention to make them be less dense and cooked the way Italian grandmothers taught their families.

For the main course I chose the winner to be the herb crusted New Zealand Streak which was cooked to perfection, the purple cabbage relish base adds a texture to the plate, however the sprinkling of paprika and the fried potatoes were unnecessary and cried for some creative plating. The hot stations which had my favorite sea food Paella was a low key note with its over-cooked rice and not so fresh portions of sea food. The station was further dampened by the undercooked Truffle Risotto with Parmesan shavings which reflected either of a poor trained kitchen staff or the lack of attention to detail on the hotplate.

The dessert came in as a the show stopper, the last peg of the food ballad which needs a standing ovation; Raspberry Custard with Cocoa biscuit and macaroon, a well plated dessert which represented the thought and ideation which must have gone into it. My favorite recommendation to all the food fanatics headed towards Euro needs is the Ginger Mousse with brownie, rosemary biscuit and ginger caramel, where all the components of the plate make a sweet harmony for a peaceful end.

Euro does put up a good fight, it sadly fails to match up to its promise of the authentic fare. Euro desperately needs to work more on the menu as well as how the courses can related by the Indian audience most of whom still do not know about the varied food preparations of Europe. Euro serves the mainstream European cuisine, showing its eastern European brothers and sisters a red flag.


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